We live and breathe the utility of metadata, the benefits of automation and the need for effective information governance. Our goal is to provide organisations with software that enables them to make the best use of their Data & Analytics assets in support of achieving strategic objectives.


Who We Are

The Metonomy team has extensive experience of working in the Data & Analytics domain, be it with software vendors, consultancies or in corporate data teams.

We use our collective knowledge relating to information governance challenges and inputs from partners and clients to guide our product design. 


Our Mission

To provide organisations, through our partners and directly, with the best tools to control and govern their Data & Analytics assets in order to make the most effective use of information.


Our Origins

Our team has a focus on automation and the many business benefits that can be realised through its implementation.

This passion for optimising processes is combined with our understanding and use of tools and techniques from the early days of data warehousing to more recent approaches and architectures associated with modern Data & Analytics practices.

We take our aggregate knowledge, skills and experience in conjunction with our understanding of current and emerging governance needs and apply it to the software we provide today.


What We Do

First and foremost, we listen. We listen to feedback from our clients and partners so that we can progressively align our product to their needs.

Our core activities at Metonomy include the design, development, publication and support of Enterprise Analytics Governance software.

Furthermore, we provide training in how to use our software for our clients and partners alike across a range of use cases. We can do this remotely or on site.



We foster a culture of teamwork, openness and enthusiastic curiosity. By bringing our collective and diverse talents together we are able to do our best for our customers.

We encourage and support lifelong learning, a focus on delivering excellence and having fun along the way.



We don't stand alone. We rely upon regular interaction with our clients and partners; all of us in our ecosystem benefiting from working together.

Moreover, we recognise the need to contribute to wider society. We'll post team and individual initiatives in our Newsroom from time to time.