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Definition: An Application Instance is a specific occurrence of an application of a Vendor’s software in a distinct environment. For example, there may be a SAP BusinessObjects “Sales & Marketing” BI application that is implemented in 3 environments, e.g. Development, Test and Production. Each application + environment combination is referred to as an “Instance”.

A Product Module is a module within a BI or Analytics software product, e.g. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Documents, SAP BusinessObjects Universes or Power BI Service, amongst many examples.

Adding an Instance | Product Module

Follow these steps to create an Application Instance with relevant Product Module:

  1. first select a relevant Product Module for which meta data will be captured.
    Tip: the values listed in the Product Module control are populated based on available adaptors. The concatenations of <Vendor | Product | Product Module | Version> are distinct.
  2. next, enter a unique name into the Instance Name field, e.g. “Sales & Marketing (Prod)”
  3. enter a meaningful description
  4. click on the Save button
  5. the adjacent table Current Instances | Product Modules will be updated with the new addition.

Persisted Data Refresh

NB: once a change has been applied to an Instance | Product module it is important that the application data is refreshed. To do this, position the mouse-pointer over the data refresh icon in the top right corner of the page and click.

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