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The Analysis module is designed to enable the exploration of captured meta data in order to achieve rapid insights. Accessed via the topline tab menu or through guided navigation from the Home page, the following pages are available:

Figure 1: Tabs available under “Analysis”

Explore: enables retrieval of nodes, attributes and values from multiple instances of a selected Product Module. For example, search for all occurrences of a key word (e.g. “discount”) or object type (e.g. query) across SAP BusinessObjects instances for Finance and Sales & Marketing.

Inspect: provides a facility to view captured meta data, usage data and applied annotations relating to a single selected Part (e.g. dashboard, analysis, report or semantic layer). Furthermore, visualizations are available to view the Object Model of the selected Part or view as a hierarchical tree or treemap. It is also possible to view the similarity of the selected Part against all other parts within the relevant Instance.

Query: this is where a user can write, save and re-use their own SQL queries to interrogate the meta data repository.

Visualize: a range of chart and diagram types are available to support insights into lineage, hierarchical relationships and structures between and within BI & Analytics Parts.

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