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Setting up and running a Capture Process

This is the mechanism by which meta data is acquired from a source application Instance for a specific Product Module and inserted into the Metonomy repository.

Pre-requisite: a valid Application Instance | Product Module must be created and the application data refreshed for the source to be available for meta data capture.

To set-up and run a capture process, navigate to the Acquire Objects tab under the Capture menu tab and carry out the following steps:

  1. enter a meaningful Process Name (unique) and Description into the relevant input fields as above in the Process Details section.
  2. select a Product Module and Instance from the dropdown controls in the Select Source section for which meta data are to be acquired.
  3. select the scope of meta data to capture, the selection controls that are displayed are dependent on the selected Product Module and the nature of the source BI Instance, e.g. Power BI PBIX files will display a file selector, whereas Power BI Service will display input fields for required user credentials, URL and client ID & secret.

For example:

  1. to continue meta data capture, move mouse-pointer over the Process button at bottom right of page and click.
  2. depending on the Product Module selected in step 2, there may be a subsequent dialog displayed enabling the selection of specific functional areas. Select the required check boxes and click the OK button .
  3. A progress bar will be displayed below the Process button indicating the stage of meta data capture. The “0/1” label illustrated represents # of completed processes/# of processes initiated. When a capture process is running it is possible to click on this label to access the Capture Process Execution dialog.
  1. When the meta data has been captured successfully a “Done” indicator is displayed. Click on the Save button to commit the captured meta data to the repository or click on the Cancel button to quit the capture process. A confirmation dialog will be presented with “Yes” and “No” options if Cancel is selected.

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