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This page enables an analyst or developer to search all of the captured meta data associated with a selected Product Module and one or more Instances.

Selection Controls:

This is where the scope of the initial search is set.

Figure 1: selection controls

To select the scope of search, undertake the following tasks:

  1. select a single a Product Module from the dropdown control. The Instance dropdown will be populated with valid values.
  2. select one or more Instances from the dropdown control using the checkboxes. The table underneath the Instance control will be populated with Parts that are present in the selected Instances.
  3. select one, more than one or all Parts using the checkboxes.
    Note: by positioning the mouse-pointer over a column header and right-clicking the mouse button, a local column filter will be displayed which enables a search to be applied to the Parts table. Click away from the table to hide the filter.

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