In this time of rapid change the availability of accurate information makes the difference between success and failure.  Whilst organisations race to achieve competitive advantage some are faced with the challenges of improving existing analytics applications or migrating to new platforms, most often in the cloud.  Our automation software is designed to address these challenges and enable companies to harness the power of current analytics technology.

A few short questions...

  • Are you planning change that will impact your BI and Analytics applications?

  • Want to find where and how a metric is defined across multiple, disparate Analytics applications?

  • Do your users want to understand the context and meaning of the information they access?

  • Do you want your organisation to be data-centric but are held back by "legacy" reporting and analytics applications?

  • Would you like to improve the quality of information produced, minimise redundancy & duplication and reduce the effort and costs required to support and maintain your Analytics applications?

Benefits Provided

  • Explainable Analytics

  • Accelerated BI migrations

  • Optimised BI & Analytics

  • Rapid insights for impact and lineage analysis

  • Reduced duplication and redundancy

  • Lower risk of inadvertent misreporting

Metonomy drives change through automation

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