Key Questions: Is information the life-blood of your enterprise?  Are you experiencing challenges with the quality of BI & Analytics and the efficiency of resources to produce, maintain and use?  If so, do you want to address these challenges in a cost-effective way?

We have developed a software solution, metoscope, to help organisations address the range of challenges they face in getting the most out of their investment in Business Intelligence and self-service analytic applications.

Solution Benefits

The metoscope software provides a broad range of benefits such as:


Software Overview

Modular Design

The software comprises of a core, foundation and a range of adapters designed to capture meta data from specific BI products.  Core modules are:

  • Capture Process: acquires metadata specific to Business Intelligence (BI) software products such as: Oracle BI EE; MS Power BI; Tableau; Qlik Sense; SAP BusinessObjects IBM Cognos ReportNet; JasperReports and more.
  • Analysis: provides a range of views of the captured meta data and methods of querying the repository to support impact analysis, structural analysis, comparison of meta data elements (e.g. reports, dashboards, data models) and rich visualisations.  Explore users' permissions and role-based access models across multiple applications. 
  • Annotations: facility to add notation to BI elements by type (e.g. business purpose, owner, support contact, frequency of execution) and to view the extent to which notes have been applied across the BI instances.
  • Reports: various types of output available from Reports module such as “anatomy” output specific to Product Module elements (e.g. dashboards/reports) describing contextual information (e.g. business purpose, steward) and key objects within the elements such as data sources, data sets, computed items, formulae, etc.



Example Analysis: start with the Home page. Search for elements across disparate BI products and multiple application instances. Positive results are highlighted so that users can drill-through to undertake impact, lineage and comparative analysis with a few mouse-clicks.

Analysis Palette: analyses views are available providing comprehensive ways to interrogate meta data, identify inconsistencies across multiple applications and gain insights on how to optimise BI and analytics instances.


Example Visualisation 1: configurable Sankey diagram illustrating links between data sources, data sets, items and dashboards & reports.


Example Visualisation 2: a drillable Treemap enabling structures to be browsed graphically.


Example Visualisation 3: a Tree describing the anatomy of the selected object.


Example Visualisation 4: a radial hierarchy showing linkages that enable drill-through to the Explore tab.



Are the means by which meta data are captured for a BI Product Module. The level of granularity per adapter is BI Vendor + Product + Module + Version.

Multiple adapters provide the capability to analyse the content of BI instances (e.g. dashboards, reports, data models) associated with a single adapter but also across instances relating to multiple BI software products.

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