Key Questions: Is information the life-blood of your enterprise?  Are you experiencing challenges with the quality of BI & Analytics and the efficiency of resources to produce, maintain and use?  If so, do you want to address these challenges in a cost-effective way?


We have developed a software solution, metoscope, to help organisations address the range of challenges they face in getting the most out of their investment in Business Intelligence and self-service analytic applications.

Through automating the capture of diverse metadata we are able to support a range of use cases that deliver significant value to data-centric enterprises.  Benefits include:

  • Ongoing reduction in technical debt
  • Improved confidence in information to support decision-making
  • Greater understanding of information meaning and context
  • Better use of skilled data & analytics staff
  • Simplified error detection
  • Rapid root cause analysis and issue resolution
  • Lower support costs


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Searching for keyword matches across multiple, disparate, analytics applications

Inspecting search matches and supporting self-service

Working with search results and analysing assets

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Optimizing information assets: