We thrive on working with a range of partners be it with client organisations to enhance or extend functionality, supporting Data & Analytics consultancies in the delivery of their services or technology vendors for the purpose of interoperability.

Client Organisations

We encourage organisations that have specific BI governance requirements to work with us to enhance our core software or create an adapter for a new BI product source.

Any opportunity to introduce functionality based on real-world needs alongside our strategic development roadmap is welcome.


Whether to use metoscope in support of services relating to BI governance | optimisation | migration or to resell to your clients, we want to work with consultancies that have specialist knowledge of specific products and their implementation. 


Insightful Analytix, a foundation partner, has a principal focus to provide clients with self-service, cloud-based analytics solutions that enhance business performance through automation and reduced time-to-value. 

Insightful Analytix works with Metonomy as a consulting partner and reseller to help organisations optimise their data & analytics fabrics through automated governance and control.

Technology Vendors

Analytics meta data captured via metoscope can be exchanged with partner ISVs.  We support application integration and interoperability so that technology vendors can access meta data seamlessly and add further value in their own software solutions.