Metadata Connectors

Metadata are acquired from applications via Connectors using the most appropriate method supported by the host vendor for the product, e.g. web services REST APIs, SOAP, SDKs or XML.  A range of connectors is available for product suites provided by software companies including Oracle BI, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Qlik, Tableau and others.

VendorProductProduct Module
MicrosoftPower BI DashboardPower BI Files
MicrosoftPower BI Report ServerPower BI Application Elements
MicrosoftPower BI Report ServerPower BI Catalog Items
MicrosoftPower BI ServicePower BI Application Elements
MicrosoftPower BI ServiceActivity Events
MicrosoftSQL Server Integration ServicesPackages
MicrosoftSQL Server Reporting ServicesReports
MicrosoftSQL ServerDatabase Engine
OracleBusiness Intelligence Enterprise EditionBI ACL
OracleBusiness Intelligence Enterprise EditionBI Analysis
OracleBusiness Intelligence Enterprise EditionBI Dashboard Prompts
OracleBusiness Intelligence Enterprise EditionBI Dashboard
OracleBusiness Intelligence Enterprise EditionBI Publisher
OracleBusiness Intelligence Enterprise EditionBI Server
QlikQlik SenseQlik Sense Desktop
QlikQlik ViewQvw Documents
SAPBusinessObjectsData Foundation Layer
SAPBusinessObjectsWeb Intelligence Reports
SalesforceTableauTableau Desktop
SalesforceTableauTableau Server + Online
EclipseBIRT / ActuateReport


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Search asset metadata for a specific keyword, view matches across disparate applications and inspect assets of interest.


Compare assets to determine degree of similarity and identify opportunities to reduce duplication and redundancy across analytics assets.


Search across multiple, disparate products and view consolidated results.


An approach to optimising Analytics applications using metadata automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed a range of questions we receive on a regular basis.  Please get in touch if we can help with further information.

We have a list of Connectors on our Resources page. Our primary focus is on Analytics products as we believe this asset area is underserved. However, we can create connectors for new product metadata sources as required, dependent on API/source-product interoperability.
Yes, once asset metadata has been acquired and stored in the repository it is possible to search across multiple products and instances to determine matches for a given keyword.
Yes, we enable assets from the same product to be compared. Users can determine the scope of comparison according to their needs, e.g. just focus on data-related objects.
Not directly. We work with one of our Data Strategy partners who use our software to capture metadata from applications to support their analysis and assessment activity.
By enabling Data teams to review the relevant asset and providing certification if it conforms to the relevant quality standards. Also, via annotations it is possible to apply contextual information to analyses so that they offer greater utility.
We provide our software on both a subscription and perpetual license basis. Please contact us for specific pricing information.